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Choosing the right fish oil is as important as choosing fish oil in the first place. Ordinary fish oil can contain just 30 of valuable omega-3s and up to 70 per cent surplus fat. MorEPA is no ordinary fish oil each capsule containing just under 600mg of EPA. These one-a-day capsules offer many health benefits as well as great value.

MorEPA minimum 580 EPA formula Lemon is a highly concentrated EPA food supplement min 580 mg EPA, which is supplemented with lipid stabilising anti-oxidants.

MorEPA capsules are tasty and chewable. This makes them suitable for people who do not like the fishy taste of normal fish oil capsules, or for people who have difficulty swallowing pills.

60 capsules per bottle for two months supply one per day

The richest and purest source of Omega 3 EPA fish oil you can buy. One 1,000 mg capsule contains an unbeatable minimum 580 mg EPA approx and 88 mg of DHA approx pure essential Omega 3 fatty acids.

Our unique patented filtration and chilling process removes any possible traces of potentially harmful elements such as Mercury and other toxins. The fish oil used is derived only from fish caught in deep sea water, which is then frozen to 50 degrees centigrade for four weeks to ensure ultimate purity. No farmed fish is ever used in the production of MorEPA. Our process ensures that the active ingredients remain fresh and an additional enzyme treatment means our capsules are free from odour and any unpleasant fishy taste thanks to the addition of natural lemon.

Just one capsule per day gives you the entire Omega 3 EPA you need. Instead of taking three to five capsules of fish oil a day, you only have to take one single capsule of MorEPA. This means you can avoid the surplus fat that you would get from consuming ordinary fish oil.

Composition per 1,000 mg capsule EPA 580 mg DHA - 88 mg Total omega 3 content at least 75 percent

purified deep sea fish oil, soft gelatine capsule fish gelatine, purified water, glycerol, lemon oil mixed tocopherols, lemon oil.


Pack Size:
60 Softgels

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