AcuOne - Acu Diet Natural Slimming Aid
Lose weight the natural way with the Acu diet weight loss aid, a new innovation based on the concept of acupressure.

It will help you to lose weight and keep it off, tests show that 2-4 lbs a week were lost by users of this device.

Acuone is the perfect partner for maintaining weight loss and achieving balanced health.

Reduces the stress levels involved with dieting.

A programmed 2 minute treatment can be applied at the touch of a button, anytime, anywhere, without side effects.

Clinically tested and proven aid with long term weight loss.

AcuOne uses the fundamental basis of acupuncture which is that the palmate face of the wrist is composed of seven points which may be stimulated in a simultaneous fashion.

The most common situations where AcuOne Weight Loss will help

1. Trying different diets where the weight disappears initially but the after a few weeks or months the weight comes back.

2. At mealtimes when overeating is a problem.

3. If you can´t resist your sweet tooth or binge eating. This is the most common way to put on weight without realizing it.

For a one off cost, and with no side effects like some slimming products on the market produce, try the AcuOne Diet Weight Loss Aid you´ll be glad you did.

Warning: NOT to be used by pregnant women or those with a pace maker.

Comes with spare batteries ,full instruction booklet , attractive metal storage box, travel storage pouch and 1 years warranty


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