AcuOne Device - Stop Smoking Natural Aid
Instead of using patches, gum or other Nicotine based aids try the Acu One to help stop smoking. It is based on acupuncture the alternative way to stop smoking. It will give no side effects like Nicotine based products do and save you money too.

Clinical tests prove that the AcuOne wristband proved its effectiveness on 87 percent of the smokers. AcuOne users stopped smoking after 5 weeks.

The microchip stimulates 7 acupuncture points on the inside of the wrist that acts on stress and will.

AcuOne stimulo-acupressure wristband combines NEW technology and the ancient principles of acupuncture. A revolutionary new treatment which is already proving extremely effective in helping people stop smoking.

Anti-tobacco AcuOne was developed by a French doctor and acupuncture professor after four years research and studies to harness the beneficial effects of acupuncture in a modern treatment device.

AcuOne uses the same principle as acupuncture and works by using small electrodes to stimulate seven different pressure points on the wrist. Its a light discreet bracelet watch which is easy to wear and simple to use. Its slim line case contains a tiny chip which is activated by pressing the button on the case. To be effective the button must be pressed every hour and as soon as the urge to smoke returns.

AcuOne is therefore very flexible and puts the patient completely in charge. It also means that you don´t have to keep taking nicotine in the form of gum or patches or take tablets which could also have side effects of their own.


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