PHYTO 7 -daily hydrating cream
With 7 plants

A genuine "day cream" for hair, PHYTO 7 is a unique plant-based formula consisting of seven plant extracts specially selected for their hydrating and regenerating properties (Calendula, Sage, Burdock, Willow, Soybean, Rosemary and Althea). Its creamy, non-greasy formula works to enhance the natural protection of dry hair by maintaining optimum moisture levels. Your hair regains shine, suppleness and body.

- A dab of cream is sufficient for moisturizing the hair
- Do not rinse
- Does not leave hair greasy
- Does not weigh down hair
- Facilitates styling.

PHYTO 7, the essential haircare product for over 30 years.


Pack Size:
50ml tube

General Information
Dry hair feels rough and appears lackluster. It becomes easily tangled, is often brittle and prone to breaking.

There are numerous causes:

- Internal origin: in the case of inadequate sebum secretion, hair loses its protective coating.

- External origin: mechanical stress factors (blow drying), chemical stress factors (coloring, bleaching, and perming) cause the hair to become dry.

All of these factors are harmful to the keratin in the hair and increase the porosity of the cuticle. As a result, moisture contained in the hair fiber evaporates, leaving hair dry and dehydrated.

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