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4head Headache Relief
"For fast, effective headache relief without tablets."
Bioforce Arnica Gel
"A gel made from the fresh flowers of Arnica montane, for the relief of Arthritic pain and stiffness."
Doctor Burt's Res-Q Ointment
Res-Q Ointment will soothe and comfort life's bumps and bruises with the green magic of Mother Nature's herbal medicines. Available in convenient easy-to-stow .60 oz. tins.
Flex Silica Gel
Made with organic silica and plant extracts, it improves flexibility and mobility; helps strengthen ligaments, tendons and muscles and heal injuries.
Kool ´n´ Soothe
"Convenient and easy to use, KOOL ´n´ SOOTHE is a cooling gel strip, which adheres to your child´s forehead and gently cools."
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