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MorDHA - For mothers during and after pregnancy
Taking MorDHA during pregnancy can give your baby the best start in supporting the earliest stages of brain growth and development.
From 6 months up to the age of 5, has been developed to support growth, and brain development in children through the crucial first years of life and comes in a tasty strawberry flavour. Most mums know whats best for their children but the growing amount of scientific research proves how important DHA is to a childs healthy development. From 6 months up to five years old, MorDHA-Mini is probably the most important supplement you can give them.
MorEPA - Smart Fats
Choosing the right fish oil is as important as choosing fish oil in the first place. Ordinary fish oil can contain just 30 of valuable omega-3s and up to 70 per cent surplus fat. MorEPA is no ordinary fish oil each capsule containing just under 600mg of EPA. These one-a-day capsules offer many health benefits as well as great value.
MorEPA Mini - For Children aged from 5
Offers the purest EPA fish oil with a natural strawberry flavour, and approximately 240mg of EPA in a soft gel capsule. Easily our best selling product for mums looking to give their children the best start in life, and in the classroom.
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