Altrient Liposomal Glutathione 450mg

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Altrient Liposomal Glutathione provides a scientifically proven powerful liposomal delivery of Glutathione directly to into the bloodstream providing superior absorption where it is needed the most.

Top up on defence nutrients with Altrient Liposomal Glutathione

Glutathione is often referred to as the ‘Master Detoxifier’and is particularly active in tissues that are most susceptible to toxicity such as the brain, kidneys, liver, heart, lungs, skin and eyes.

This nutrient is present in the liver, heart and virtually all cells in the body, which underscores its biological significance. However, dietary restrictions or an imbalance in your general health could influence your body’s nutritional demands. Standard oral glutathione products tend to be poorly absorbed due to the action of an intestinal enzyme which has the potential to degrade glutathione. Altrient Liposomal Glutathione provides a patented form of Glutathione known as, clinically rsearched, Setria® - wrapped up in state of the art liposomes that protect the Setria Glutathione as it travels through the stomach and providing superior absorption into the bloodstream and on to the cells, where it is needed most.

Choose Altrient GSH Glutathione for:

  • City-dwellers and when working or living in a polluted environment.
  • 450mg clinically researched Setria ® Glutathione and extra 500mg phosphatidylcholine per sachet.
  • Cutting-edge, clinically researched liposomal technology for maximised absorption.
  • Convenient sachets provide an easy way to keep daily levels topped up.
  • Purest form, gluten free, vegan.

Setria® supplementation may need to be ongoing to help maintain elevated levels:

  • One month after supplementation ended glutathione levels began to return to pre-study levels.
  • Setria® glutathione is unlikely to adversely affect the body's normal production of glutathione.


  • Take 1-2 sachets a day
  • Does not dissolve in liquid - Squeeze sachet into a shot glass amount of water or juice. It can also be folded gently into a yoghurt
  • Do not blend, process or put in hot water
  • Best taken on an empty stomach to speed up the absorption

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